Initial problem description:
On the topic of F&B cost
control restaurant ‘De Gouverneur’ does all needed tasks by hand. All the
invoices are processed by hand. Next to that, they make use of many different
documents in which they need to work to process the invoices for food and
beverages and even more to gain insights in the cost control of the company. All
above mentioned activities cost the management team many hours in a week. Lastly,
a lot information is outdated. After all invoices are processed and all
inventory is stocked there will already have been more sales or more purchases,
therefore the information is outdated before it is gained.
Initial purpose:
The use of automatic F&B cost control or inventory management
system will have a positive effect on the company’s performance. The staff cost
goes down or the work pressure is going down. Furthermore, due to a more accurate
insight in the inventory, the waist is decreasing and the cost percentage is
decreasing linearly. Also, because the cash registration and the inventory
management systems are linked there is always an up-to-date, ‘live’, insight in
the performance on the F&B cost of the restaurant.

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