Taking 10 random students (A-J) Bio test scores and ranking them
Essay including graps and charts (graphs and charts will make essay more then 3 pages, but it can be as long as it needs to be)
Use spearmans rank correlation coefficient, make sure to note if its a strong, moderate, weak, or very weak correlation.
*Ex.) rs= -.956 Strong correlation therefore the time spent training decreases the time it take to run*
Y will be the scores on the test, and X (in hours) will be the time spent studying for the test
Highlight key terms:
key terms defined
use of technology
discussion of degree of accuracy for calculations (why you chose to round the way you did)
personal engagement (ideas presented in an original way, creative thinking, personal interest)
possible limitations discussed
possible extensions discussed
significance of findings discussed
questions asked
conjectures made
use of mathematics at the appropriate level
demonstrated understanding of mathematics
reference to all graphs/diagrams/tables
outside sources, including images, properly cited
links to the aim

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