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Unit 5: Star Observations
Please submit image of star collaboration from the SkySafariPro app.
Unit 5: Star Observations:
During this course, you will move through two seasons, and with this being an online course you will also find that your classmates live in many different areas of the world “north and south of the equator”. One night during each unit you will go outside (use the same specific location for each observation) and look at the night sky and describe the stars that you can see at your zenith. You will prepare a brief discussion post discussing the star groups that you were able to see during your night observations. Also, discuss the challenges you experienced in being able to see the stars. Be sure to provide your “general location” (north, south, east, west within a particular state, country) (NOT YOUR ADDRESS), and the date and time of your observation at the top of your discussion. The link below will help you identify the star groups. Make sure you select the correct star map for your area and season. You can also use SkySafariPro on your cell phones to help identify the star groups. Information on downloading the SkySafariPro is in the Getting Started Module at the top of the Home Page.

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