After you’ve downloaded the SPSS data file:Data Analysis_1.sav
Identify the four variables present in the data set: (1) Participant, (2) Personality_1, (3) Personality_2, and (4) Personality_3
• Participant: A number assigned to each of the 100 participants in this sample
• Personality 1 — 3: These scores reflect outcomes from three different Personality Assessments
Determine the measures of Central Tendency on all three outcomes (Personality 1-3).
• Measures of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode
Determine the measures of Variability on all three outcomes (Personality 1-3).
• Measures of Variability: Range, Variance, Standard Deviation
Identify any outliers by transforming the variables to z scores
• Then determining those scores are significantly different from the rest of the sample
Perform a correlation analysis between the three Personality outcomes.
• Create a correlation matrix to display your findings
Assume that Personality 1 and Personality 2 are both predictors of Personality 3.
• Conduct a regression analysis
• Determine the proportion of variance in Personality 3 accounted for by the variation in Personality 1 and Personality 2.
Write the results of your analysis in an APA style paragraph that includes appropriate notation.
Submit your results Word document titled: Yourlastname_DA1.docx
Review & Reflect
By completing this activity, you should be able to use provided data to calculate and interpret basic descriptive statistics, correlation, and regression.
• Title your result analysis: Yourlastname_DA1.docx
• Submit your result analysis (Word document format)

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