As a Human Services Professional, an understanding of “self” is very important. As such, this Course Project assignment is focused on introspection and emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s self as an individual and as a professional.
This assignment is meant to be a self-diagnostic activity, so you will not be judged based on the content of your answers — only that they demonstrate honest introspection. As such, be sure to identify some things you would like to remain the same (in terms of character/personality traits) and others that you would like to change.
In a 2-page Microsoft Word document, address the following:
Assess your current personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.
Explain what actions/steps you will take to ensure that you are a competent Human Services practitioner.
Implement a least one (1) credible resource and include one (1) intext citation.
Include any resources you used on the reference page.

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