Cultural Studies Glossary Due at the end of Week 5
Assignment. For this assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of Cultural Studies by defining several key terms.
Technical Details.
• Write ten (10) entries, 100-150 words each
• Turn in a Word document or PDF on Brightspace (NO OTHER
Content. In your definitions, you must include the following elements and moves. This list should not be read as an outline of sequential order.
• In your own words, define the term
• Give examples of the term and its applications
o i.e. in what conditions might we apply the term? What does it tell us about culture, society, and/or politics?
• You must define the follow terms:
o anti-essentialism
o articulation
o essentialism
o ideology
o representation
Popular Culture
Language game
Active audiences
For this project, you will also write a 200-word reflection.
Using at least three of your terms, describe the relationship between culture, power, and politics.

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