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Essay Assignment: Introduction to Learning (Module 1)
1. How might learning be studied at each of the major levels
of analysis: behavioral, neural system, and molecular/cellular?
2. Describe how habituation and sensitization might be
involved in addictions.

Compose an essay in
current APA format using a title page, in-text citations, and a reference

Answer BOTH questions
with a minimum of 250 words for each question.

Answer the questions
using the concepts from the course materials and reading assignments. You may
use any scholarly books or journal articles. Websites are not acceptable

Write in a formal
college-level essay style. For this
assignment you may use first person.

Do not include prompt questions
in your essay.

Include at least one
in-text citation per each of the essay questions. Minimum of one scholarly source must be
included on the reference page.

Do not include
direct quotes. Instead, paraphrase information from the scholarly sources (using
in-text citations) in order to demonstrate your mastery of each concept.

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