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Final Paper should be 10 pages double-spaced. Please reference your sources, approximately, using either a scientific convention EX. Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980 (Mullineaux ex al., 1981) or footnotes. All sources should be listed in a Bibliography at the end of the paper. When listing web sites, give the complete URL address in addition to the name of the site. Start with an introduction that clearly states the topic of your research, why you were interested in it, the context, etc. COMMUNICATION RELATED Summarize the information that you found, including figures or tables where appropriate. Include a discussion of your own that analyses the data in some way. I want to see your thoughts here. Then finish with a concluding paragraph that refers to the stated purpose in the introduction.
A. Do media have any impact ?
B. Based on your reading from the textbook, should rules and laws be put in place to correct some of the stereotype or hurtful representation of your race ? If yes, identify ways to improve the representations or counteract negative mass media portrayals and damaging impact of our social group in films, entertainment TV, news, and magazine.

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