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Final Reflection Paper
Criminology 203
Students will select a crime for which an offender has been apprehended and convicted. Students will select a theory from the text and discuss how this theory explains the offender’s behavior. The crime must be approved by the instructor. The paper will be in APA format and contain an introduction, the body of the research, and a conclusion. The paper must contain in-text citations from at least five sources, including the textbook(criminology the core 7th edition). The paper must be a minimum of five pages.
1. Select a high-profile criminal (research a person that interests you on a personal and professional level)
2. Reflect on the theories discussed in class and apply to the potential motivations of the criminal that has been apprehended and convicted.
3. Your paper should include the following:
History of the offender (family, psych/social profile, education, mental health history, etc.)
Details of the crime
Theories that best explain the motivations of the offender (Rational Choice Theory, Biological Theories, Labeling Theory, etc.) You may apply more than one theory
Summarize the paper by giving an overview of your research and reflections. Please include the connections and main points to support your theories.
An APA Works Cited page
Citations throughout the paper

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