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Flaws & Problems
Post 01:
In 1-2 unified paragraphs, create a clear argument (claim + support) that integrates the following information about the movie you intend to analyze for Essay 02:
What movie do you intend to analyze?
What is the protagonist’s character flaw?
What is the external problem in the world?
Does the protagonist follow the hero myth?
What is the meaning of the story you will analyze?
How does the structure of the story help to create its meaning?
EXAMPLE: The 2003 Pixar classic, Finding Nemo, tells the story of an over-protective father, Marlin, who must set out into deep water to save his kidnapped son, Nemo. Along the way, Marlin’s journey closely follows Linda Seger’s concept of the “hero myth” showing us that we, too, can be a hero if only we are brave enough to “let go” and confront our own inner demons. The first way we connect to Marlin is by meeting him as a “mundane” widower living way out in the ‘burbs. We further sympathize with him when he is soon catalyzed, albeit reluctantly, to action when… (more).

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