I need to write a 2000 word essay using two quotes from the book “White War, Black Soldiers” and relate it to World War 1
The book is a historical account of Africans who fought in WW1
I also need to include two primary sources of people who experienced the war
Your Assignment: write a paper that provides a historical interpretation to the Great War. Use Michael Howard’s book, the memoirs in White War, Black Soldiers, and at least two experiences that contain primary sources.
Specifics: The paper should be 2000-2500 words. It should be doubled-spaced, use 12-point font, and be properly cited using either Chicago style (Links to an external site.) or MLA/Harvard style. (Links to an external site.). [That is, footnotes or parenthetical notes].
More information: At its core, History seeks to provide meaningful interpretations of the past. Historians do so using primary sources (the evidence left from the past) and secondary sources (writings by other historians). Your task is to make use of the memoirs written by Bakary Diallo and Lamine Senghor, two experiences you have chosen along the way, and Michael Howard’s short history of the First World War (in other words, make use of assigned readings for class). Be sure to pick experiences that contain primary sources (words, images, sounds, etc. from people living during the war). Some questions to consider that will help you make an argument:
–What do these primary sources, taken together, help us understand about the war? What specific quotes or passages allow you to make your interpretation?
–How does Howard’s interpretation fit with what the primary sources tell us? What chapters, interpretations, direct quotes can you use from his book that will help you make your interpretation?
Your paper should contain at least 4 direct quotes from White War, Black Soldiers, 2 from your experiences, and 2 from Howard’s book.

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