J In an MLA standard document of approximately 2 pages, please provide the following headers with complete information:
A)Subject-Provide your specific argument/THEME
List (10) quotes, 1-3 lines long(no paragraphs), ranked from most effective to moderately effective(to show the author’s worldview/ message).
YOU MUST USE QUOTES FROM THE SECOND HALF OF THE TEXT! If the bulk of your evidence comes only from the beginning of the text, you will not pass the assignment.
Use MLA quote structure
Quote structure:
Who said it? When/Where did they say it
Book Wild by Cheryl strayed
Provide your specific argument / Theme
Exact Quote(1-3 lines)
MLA Citation
Example of Layout: This is a visual example. Please use the proper format and font sizes according to MLA format!
A) Subject: Nature + Specific Argument/Message/THEME
1) When Cheryl first experiences the PCT, she thinks, “This was not the beautiful, alpine forest I thought I’d hike; it was a hot desertscape that made me feel alone and isolated(175).
2) As she nears the end of her hike, Cheryl feels that ” all I had endured seemed to crystalize in front of me and I knew that I was a changed person(312).

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