Presentation Guidelines:
Topic: Summary of your course project findings.
Your goal : To teach your classmates about some subject of great interest to you. Be clear why the subject is so interesting to you.
Structure: 20 minutes oral presentation DO NOT READ the presentation
PowerPoint slides required: no more than 15-20 slides (not including title slide and references slide)
Font: no less than 20pt.
Name your power point file with your first & last names. (Not some weird abbreviation that only you know)
Limit the amount of words you have on each slide.The slides should illustrate –not narrate– your presentation!
DO NOT put the text you plan to say on the slide if you are using PowerPoint!
Clear explanations for all unusual terminology you use (on slide, handout, or verbal). Clear explanations of any processes you describe (maybe an illustration of the steps or flow chart)
An explanation of why you care about the topic and why someone who isn’t you might care!
Clear projected voice
Eye contact with audience: Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse to increase fluidity!
Remember enthusiasm goes a long way – if you aren’t excited about your topic, neither will anyone else be.
Clarity of your presentation:How clearly do you state the information you are presenting?
Does your presentation flow from one slide to the next or is it jumpy and hard to follow?
Is there a logical story that you are leading the audience through?
Are you speaking clearly, loud enough, and making contact with the audience so the everyone can hear you or are you mumbling, quiet, speaking into the screen, and hard to understand?
Are your slides clear and easy to understand? Is there too much or too little information?
Is everything on the slide relevant to what you are saying?
Knowledge of the presenters: Is it clear that you understand the study you are presenting.
Submit your presentation slides below to get full credit

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