This assignment is intended to help you learn to
do the following:
Research healthcare system and healthcare
management issues.
Discuss issues related to healthcare delivery
In this assignment, you will conduct research and
related to health promotion and disease
prevention, as well as discuss issues related to the
reorientation of the U.S. healthcare system
from curative and preventive practice.
Action Items
1. Complete the Module 6 Readings prior to
working on this assignment. Document your
thoughts as you read.
2. Conduct research for the following
items. You must incorporate research to
support your answers from at least three
scholarly resources, which you may acquire by searching the Franklin University Library.
databases or professional research journals.
o What part of the healthcare system is
most responsible for health promotion
and disease prevention? Has it been
effective? Cite examples to support
your position.
What factors are stimulating a
reorientation of the U.S. healthcare
system from curative to preventive?

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