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. Research and write 10 pages, including title and reference pages, no abstract is needed)
with other group members a summary of the assigned spirituality or faith
tradition, including relevant citations and references; use APA style 6th
edition for forMAT. Please
focus your discussion these areas:
Introduce your paper’s foci, giving some background on the
faith tradition you’re reviewing (e.g., How many people are associated
with the tradition? Where are the located? If relevant, briefly explain
what are the major branches of this faith tradition? e.g., Islam has 3
major branches}
What are the core beliefs? (What beliefs are in common?)
What are the major common manifestations and expressions of
faith tradition, including both individual and corporate practices?
(e.g., prayer, meditation, worship, food, community gatherings, piety,
What are the implications for professional counseling
practice? (please emphasize this section, perhaps half of your paper)
I.e., knowing about this tradition, how will the information inform your
practice to be a spiritually sensitive counselor? Please be specific and
give examples).
Minimum of three resources

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