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Term Paper Physical Structure:
Length: 5-7 pages minimum excluding the required title page and reference page.
Word Count: 1500-200 (excluding tables, figures, and references)
Format: APA 7th edition
Title Page: Required; Submission Date, your name, and professor name
Font: 12-point, Times Roman, single- spaced; 1-inch margin on all sides
Page Numbering: Pages should be sequentially numbered at the bottom of the page. Figures and tables should be sequentially numbered.
Tables & Figures:
Each figure should have a brief caption (“Figure 1. A Typical Cement Kiln”) immediately below the figure
Each table should have a brief title (“Table 1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions”) situated immediately above the table.
References: Minimum 3-5 academic resources (no blogs, youtube videos, talkshows, twitter comments)
Your references should support the text and be cited in the text. It is not sufficient to simply include a list of references at the end of the paper.
All references in the reference list must be cited somewhere within the document; that is the difference between a reference list and a bibliography.
Paper Submission File: Label your file with first and last name (eg. John.Doe. Term Paper)

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