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Topic – The use of tablets technology for education in secondary schools by students in Australia
Point At Issue : Technology tablets have a positive effect on Australian secondary school students in Covid-19 pandemic
Questions :
How covid-19 has affected the use of technology tablets by secondary school students ?
How prevalent is using technology tablets among secondary schools students in covid-19 ?
What is the primary cause of technology tablets among Australian secondary schools students in covid-19 ?
Major Research Assignment Task Guidelines
1500-2000 words (400-500 words per Research question)
– Address each Research question in a separate section
– Start each section on a new page, with the Research question as the main heading
– Discuss information found within sources that support investigation of responses to the Research question. In other words, use the content of the sources as the basis of responses to the Research questions
– Whenever applicable, use annotated sources from the portfolio
– Analysis – use the nine [9] key words to analyse content of all sources
– Consider qualitative and/or quantitative information where necessary
– Include in-text references to fully acknowledge the sources that support responses to the Research questions
– Minimum required number of sources:
o Per Research question: Three [3] (including two [2] academic sources)
o Total: Nine [9] (including six [6] academic sources)
– Provide all sources according to the UQ Harvard Referencing Style
Approx. 800 words
– Summarise positions on the Point at Issue, based on the discussion of responses to the Research questions and answers to the Gap questions (if applicable)
– Identify similarities and differences between the positions in relation to specific aspects of focus based on arguments and type of information presented as well as verify which secondary and/or primary sources support them
Evaluation and Justification
– Compare the strengths and weaknesses of positions on the Point at Issue
– Present and explain a final position on the Point at Issue that is fully justified with appropriate evidence
– Identify any personal bias
Final comments
– Identify limitations within the research process (which begins with the research plan and ends with the finalisation of the research report)
– Provide recommendations for future research based on still-unresolved aspects of the topic, or new areas of investigation that have emerged
Include all sources referred to within the text of the assignment using UQ Harvard Referencing Style.
Include Gap questions and all details relating to any contact with experts (if applicable).

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