Worksheet: Effects of
Assignment Overview
For this assignment, you will conduct research on divorce
and the effects it can have on a child’s development.
This assignment is intended for you to analyze the effects
of divorce and the basic, anticipated biological, psychological, sociocultural,
and cognitive responses of individuals from early childhood through late
Assignment Details:
Perform the following tasks:
Complete the reading assignment
and the interactive lecture before attempting this assignment.
In approximately 100-150
words, write an essay in the space provided in the Assignment Worksheet
below responding to the following:
How does the experience
of divorce relate to the child’s age at the time of divorce? How would a
divorce affect the child differently, depending on the age of the child?
How does the age of the
parents affect this experience?
Your responses must have
correct spelling and grammar.
Check your assignment
against unintended plagiarism.

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