Your task is to compile an annotated bibliography of at least five sources that you will use to write your Essay 2: Argument with Secondary Research assignment. Your bibliography should include an MLA works cited entry for each source. It should also include an annotation for each source—a few sentences that summarize and analyze the source’s claims and explain the source’s relevance to your research project.
Special Requirements
In addition to the requirements outlined above:
Your annotated bibliography should be at least 500 words long, though a well-developed bibliography may be longer.
Your annotations should follow the procedures for summarizing and analyzing arguments that we have practiced in class.
Your bibliography should include a works cited entry for each source, formatted according to MLA guidelines.
You will submit this assignment directly on Canvas.
Grading Criteria
Your annotated bibliography is worth 10 points. Your grade will indicate your progress on achieving the following criteria:
Identifying relevant, high quality sources for research
Summarizing and analyzing the sources’ claims
Correct format and citation
Appropriate, effective style and mechanics

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