1.7 Chapter Overview
The research covers the chapters as follows:
Chapter 1: Introduction
understand the principal objectives to be achieved, an introductory will gives
background and insight into the study. The first chapter also gives objectives, research questions, the
significance of the study, the literature review as well as the research
methodology that guides the study. The chapter will conclude by providing a
chapter overview of the research and a summary.
Chapter 2: The
legal and institutional framework governing environmental compliance in Namibia:
Chapter two sets out the legal framework
based on an understanding of the principal concepts of environmental compliance
and enforcement in the context of international, regional, and domestic laws. This
chapter provides an overview of the development of environmental governance and
discusses the roles and responsibilities of DEAF under the EMA to understand the
nature and essential elements of EIA and SEA in monitoring.
Chapter 3: Compliance and
chapter examines the specific types of compliance and
enforcement programs and how compliance and enforcement benefit environmental
legislation. The role of compliance
and adherence to EMA obligations in promoting successful environmental
governance was examined. The role of compliance and adherence to environmental
legislation’s duties in promoting successful environmental governance was
examined. A licence, permit, approval or other authorization
issued according to command and control principle was discussed.
Chapter 4: Comparative
study of Namibia’s EMA and South Africa’s NEMA.
This chapter presents a comparative study of Namibia
and South Africa and contain comparative details on practices of governance and
regulatory effectiveness, in order to understand the principles of good
governance. The chapter ends with a summary of the evaluation findings and
highlights the shortcomings and deficiencies of the EMA. The results were used
for recommending strengths and weaknesses in EMA.
Chapter 5:
Conclusions and recommendations.
lessons learned and recommendations that follow the evaluation made in the
previous chapters are presented in chapter five. The chapter concludes with a
summary of the study findings

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