500-600 words
These are the instructions:
) Formulate and answer a question
Select a concept that was covered in lecture from the past two weeks to formulate a question. Use this question as the title of your essay.
Sample questions:
When would you use the different types of elasticities?
How is the demand curve related to utility maximization?
Note. These are examples of questions you might formulate. This assignment requires that you formulate your own question, so do not use these topics for your paper.
2) Explain how this applies to your life
Write a 500-600 word essay answering this question, and discuss how the information could be useful to you in your own life. Be sure to include some concrete information that was covered, explaining why the information is relevant to your life and useful for you. Be sure to explain how the information applies to you personally and give examples.
3) Structure your essay as suggested below
1st section: Give an overview of the answer to your question.
2nd section: Provide the details of the answer to your question. Be sure to select the relevant information from class notes and the textbook.
3rd section: Make it personal. Explain why this information is relevant to your life or useful for you and give examples.
Since you will be writing about the content in your course from a personal perspective, you can use personal pronouns (I, we, you, etc.).

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