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Article Critique:
1- The review must be in APA format (cover page, headers, title, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, etc.)
2- Please follow citation rules for paraphrasing and direct quotations
3- Article must be from a peer-reviewed journal, published within the last 5 years.
4- Follow the format below. Your critique should follow this order. Please put in paragraph form.
5- Please submit a copy of the article with your critique.
1. Reference:
APA Reference here
2. Interest
· Why are you interested in reading the article?
· What information can you gain by reading this article?
3. Purpose
· What is the main purpose of this article?
· Be specific and accurate.
· Quote and summarize the purpose in your own words.
4. Key Question
· What is the key question the authors are asking?
· What is their hypothesis?
5. Information
· What is the most important information in this article? Please make sure to answer each of the following:
· Review the literature used.
o Key things to look for – age of the references, guidelines used, what data/statistics from other studies is given
· Authors’ reasoning for the study
· Methodology
o Research design – should be easy – everyone should have a randomized controlled trial
o Independent and Dependent variables
§ How did they measure the outcomes?
§ Are those reliable and valid tools to assess those outcomes?
o Sample population
§ Where did they recruit them from
§ Inclusion and exclusion criteria
§ Groups
· How did they get them into their groups
o Intervention
§ What was the control group intervention
§ What was the intervention group’s intervention
o Results – review the statistics (significant or not)
o Limitations (authors and your own)
6. Conclusions
· What is the conclusion the authors came to about the study?
· What research did they use to support their findings?
7. Implications
· What are the implications of this article?
· What would the outcomes be if we followed the article’s findings?
· Include both positive and negative.
· What is the significance of this study to you?

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