Assignment Content
Statistical data is used to solve crime and find patterns of behavior. This is especially relevant when working to develop new policies. You have been asked to submit a proposal to your local city council in support of a community or proactive policing. In this assignment you will provide some context related to the collection, analysis, and application of data in creating policies.
Research a program in community policing or proactive policing that you support.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word proposal in which you:
Explain the issues surrounding the collection of data of the selected program.
Share an example of the analysis of that data and explain if you feel it is reliable. Why or why not?
Describe how the use of that data matters as it relates to the interpretation of the data. Explain how that relates to the policy you selected.
Explain how statistical data be utilized in criminal justice policy making.
Include at least two peer reviewed references.

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