Assignment: Find five credible, appropriate sources for your chosen topic. (These may or may not be
from the original five you have already submitted.) Prepare annotated bibliography entries for all the
five sources. Use the APA format for the citations unless you are one of the few people who have
chosen a language, literature, art, music, or theater topic. If you have chosen an MLA topic, use MLA
Style. (A cover page is not required, but the student name, class, and date should be the left-side
header on every page. Include page numbers according to the style—APA or MLA—for your topic.)
(The audience for this assignment is an academic one; therefore, please use a formal style. The purpose
of the writing is to inform, evaluate, and reflect. The style needs to be academic. That is, using third
person is preferred but first person is permitted. Avoid second person.)
In each annotated entry, do the following:
•Summarize the source. Summarizing information about a source means to state briefly the main
ideas of the source in relation to your research topic. (The rhetorical precis structure and format may
help you in composing the first paragraph.)
•Evaluate the source. To evaluate a source means to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the
piece in relation to your research topic. Consider the following questions: Is the source current,
authoritative, accurate, and reliable? How is this source going to be useful or enlightening for your
research topic? How much information does this source provide? Will it be a major help or just a
minor factor?
 Use the hanging indentation for the APA References citation or for the MLA Works Cited
 Double space the paragraphs.

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