Choose a social welfare issue discussed in a previous week of this class: CPS
Select an elected official to whom you will address your letter. You may choose a local, regional, state, or federal official: State of Ohio
Write a 700- to 1,050-word persuasive letter to an elected official to advocate for action on your chosen social welfare issue.
Include the following in your letter:
A brief personal introduction and explanation of why you are concerned with social welfare
The nature and history of the social welfare issue you have selected and an explanation of the need for change
The relevance of the social welfare issue to the official’s constituents
A description of the actions you have taken to advocate for this issue
A suggestion about how the official can take action on the issue, such as voting on a particular bill or allocating funds
Supporting information that explains why such an action should be taken and how it will benefit the public
Include at least 2 scholarly sources within your letter.

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