Coursework: 3,000 words are allowed (+/- 10%). Appendices can be used.
The essay should be in reflection of the case study.
essay plan: use the Marking Criteria and some key point outline in the plan.
Structure, presentation and writing style:
presented in Arial – font size 12, double spaced and include page numbers.
Write objectively in the 3rd person with no use of “I” or “My” or “The author”.
Do not use headings or bullets points. Please use paragraphs to structure your essay so that it follows a logical flow.
References: within 5-8 years old ( from 2014-2022)
use of 1 reference per 100 -150 words in academic assignments. Please provide a minimum of 20 references. Your references should be cited and listed in American Psychological Association (6th Edition) or ‘APA 6th’ for short.
materials are based on evidence-based British and international guidelines

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