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Create a short story. The short story should include some quotations and a story that can be read aloud in class with ease. It should be interesting and creative. Do not make this short story too perfect. Make it a fun read.
I would like to have one of the characters named Prince from NY and that he has a like for music. The story should be about him chasing his dreams but never reaching it and then passing away in the end. You can incorprate other characters and get creative. should be 6 pages double spaced. you can add some daily slang in the quotations as well.
I included a example of a good job done on the assignment.
All of your work must be typewritten in a double-spaced, legible font, size 12, with one-inch
margins. (This is important!)
Number your pages. (This is very important!)
Turn in work clean of any egregious misspellings or obvious grammatical errors. (This is crucial.)
should be no sources used or citations because it should be. a personal short story that is creative

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