English 102 Research Paper Assignment
The review is your opportunity to turn in your finished paper for review; it will be scored as a final draft, with summary notes for final revision.
You will support your argument by citing with evidence from credible sources. At least eight sources are required.
Your topic is a way that technology has changed, or will change, your major field of study.
The thesis must be an argument, so ask a research question, and answer the question to have an argument (see thesis and outline assignment)
1400-1600 words of actual text—not including graphs, or the references page
At least eight sources are required.
All assignments must be typed, edited, cited in MLA or APA format, and in Standard English.
Paragraphing is required
Source material must be paraphrased or quoted
No more than 20% direct quotations
All ideas from sources must be cited in text and in a references page.
Process: Apply the Writing Process
Are you missing support for some paragraphs or sections?
Have you left out some of the sources you have already?
Are there flaws in the argument that require you to adjust your thesis?
Do you have clear and specific topic sentences for each paragraph?
Do the topic sentences relate to the thesis clearly?
Does the support in the argument relate to the topic sentence?
Do you have evidence from a credible source to support the assertions and reasons in the paragraphs?
Add in the missing elements
Print and mark up the paper for errors, weaknesses, word choices
Make the corrections in the computer file version
Add in transitions and evaluations of the assertions in all paragraphs
Explain what the evidence you presented means relative to the thesis
You should have:
I. Introduction: an overview of the issue or technology, including a brief history
A. The thesis at the end of the introduction as part of the introduction paragraph
Section I: Part one of the three section thesis statemen
An overview of the part one sub-topic 1-2 pages
Section II: Part 2 of the three section thesis
Followed by 1-2 pages (4-5 paragraphs) on the sub topic
III. Section III: Part 3 of the three section thesis
Followed by 1-2 pages (4-5 paragraphs) on the sub topic
Conclusion: solutions and recommendations for the issue, and/or implications for the future
Important: And a references page attached to the paper on a separate page

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