I am a MSW Social worker intern at UF health shands hospital in Gainesville, FL
these questions below are pertaining to my placement, I just finished interning for 12 weeks with the 18 and up adults and not switching to the newborn-17 year old. you can write about either or but please not both .
For your journal entry this week, you will consider challenges in assessment that you can expect to encounter in your field placement and in your professional practice.
As part of your journal submission, be sure to address the following:
Explain how you have addressed assessment or how you might address assessment during your field education experience.
Explain any potential challenges for assessment during your field education experience.
Determine how/if the DSM-5 is used in your field practicum, and how the DSM-5 is likely to be used as part of your professional practice.
Reflect on how your personal experiences and affective reactions may affect your assessment of a client in your field placement.

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