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Individuals become leaders through training and development of skills as well as experience. In this assessment, create a training manual that helps to explain strategic planning and leadership skills to individuals in a leadership role.
Revisit the Unit 1 Assessment to recall the following:
The professional experience summarized. Consider the leader(s) that was in charge during the planning and implementation of that change.
The leadership skills that were presented by the leader throughout the change process.
The challenges and recommendations for a strategic plan to mitigate those challenges in the Unit 1 Assessment.
From a manager’s perspective, create a training manual for the leader(s) focused on strategic planning that addresses the following:
Define and explain the purpose of strategic planning.
Explain the role of the leader in the organization (this should be specific to the example provided in Unit 1).
Describe at least 3 leadership qualities that contribute to successful strategic planning.
Describe how the leader(s) should approach situations for optimal results, using at least 1 successful and 1 challenging example to illustrate.
Include a title page, table of contents, reference page.
Complete additional research on this topic as necessary, including at least 2 references, formatted APA style.

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