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The subject for this assignment is called Family Violence: Policy and Practice.
The assignment is a BOOK REVIEW ON ‘A Mother’s Story’ by Rosie Batty with Bryce Corbett.
* There is no pdf available for this book. However i have purchased the book on an app called Scribd and i can give you the username and password to login and have access to the book. I will provide those details after i have chosen my writer. Thank you.
* The word limit is 1000 words. Must be as close to 1000 as possible.
* The book must be throughly read as you must reflect on Rosie Batty’s family violence experience and family and domestic violence in general. Has to provide a critical and comprehensive overview of Rosie Batty’s experience of Family Violence.
* Clearly, critically and insightfully unpacks key themes from Rosie Batty’s book and links them to Family Violence literature.
* Critically, thoroughly, and sophisticatedly discusses the book’s themes.
* Refers to insightful quotes, events or extracts from the book, and effectively integrates them to support discussion and build a critical and nuanced argument.
* I have attached resources that must be read.
* I have attached the marking criteria of what is expected of this assignment and I have also attached an example of a past assignment to give you an idea of how to approach the assignment. This is only a guide not to be copied.
Synopsis of ‘A Mother’s Story’ by Rosie Batty:
An updated edition of the profoundly moving and inspiring memoir from Australia’s domestic violence crusader, Rosie Batty.
Rosie Batty knows pain no woman should have to suffer. Her son was killed by his father in a violent incident in February 2014, a horrendous event that shocked not only the nation, but the world. Greg Anderson murdered his 11-year-old son Luke and was then shot by police at the Tyabb cricket oval. Rosie had suffered years of family violence, and had had intervention and custody orders in place in an effort to protect herself and her son. Rosie has since become an outspoken and dynamic crusader against domestic violence, winning hearts and mind all over Australia with her compassion, courage, grace and forgiveness. In January 2015, Rosie was named Australian of the Year, 2015. Inspiring, heartfelt and profoundly moving, this is Rosie’s story.
The aim of Assignment 1, the Book Review, is to get you thinking critically about
family violence. Rosie Batty’s book, A Mother’s Story is a deeply disturbing account of
harrowing experiences of family violence. Rosie is not alone. Millions of women across
the globe tell us similar stories. “I am one of those worst-things-that-have-ever-
happened stories.
That is my life now, it is my journey and there is nothing I can do to
turn any of it back’
Rosie Batty critically reflects on and reframes family violence in a way that enables us to
analyse family violence as a social problem. “If anything comes out of this, I want it to
be a lesson to everybody. Family violence happens to everybody, no matter how nice
our house is or now intelligent vou are. It happens to everyone’
To pass this assignment you will need to listen to the lectures, actively participate in the
workshops and read the Essential Readings.

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