part 1 /
Emerging Public Health Issues
Heathy People 2020 has addressed some areas of public health that up to now have not been considered public health issues; discuss one of these. Do you think your choice will be “solved” by 2020, why or why not? Be specific in your answer and cite references as necessary.
part 2
The War on Cancer
Referring to the article, “Meeting the Healthy People 2020 Objectives to Reduce Cancer Mortality,” how is Healthy People 2020 affecting the fight against cancer? Be specific in your answer.
part 3
Emerging Trends in Global Health
Discuss the threats to health care systems in terms of the broader global economy. In your post, address the following:
What are some of the emerging issues in national and international health inequities, and how are health systems attempting to address them?
What is the impact of globalization on the transmission and spread of communicable diseases?
Who are the global leaders in addressing global health care concerns and why would you consider them the leaders?

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