please choose a specific people’s movement that
we encountered in this course to research thoroughly. Some examples of
movements include: motley crews, abolitionism, workers’ movements,
environmentalism, BLM, etc. Consider how the movement in question contested the
rule of the powerful, possibly considering the roles of guns and/or money. Then
consider how the movement succeeded in advancing democracy in spite of elite
opposition. For the essay, you should find and make use of a course text and at
least one other scholarly source (additional sources are recommended). Your
sources should be books and academic articles – NOT random internet nonsense.
Here are some questions to consider as you draft your research project:
– Make sure to clearly define your topic – who is involved, when does it take place,
what do they do, and what happens?
– What are the goals of your movement? What tactics does it adopt to achieve those
goals? How effective are these tactics?
– What allowed for your movement to come together? What was the source of the
original grievances? What empowered and unified them as a movement?
– Who has power in this movement? Who gains power, who loses it?
– How does this movement connect with other social movements?
Contemporaneous connections? Past influences? Future recurrences?
– Where do guns fit in this power arrangement? What roles does money play?
** Remember, your entire essay should be unified around a consistent thesis point.
This thesis should answer the question: ‘how have the people contested elite rule?’
Please submit the final copy of your essay via Blackboard upload, in the
‘Assignments’ section. Make sure that your document is edited and that it includes
all relevant citations. Use a consistent citation style (MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.).
Online guides to citation style are easily accessible, and should be used.
Format: 5-7 pages, double spaced, 12pt.

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