Project Ideas
Select one of the following project ideas on which to base BOTH assessments for this module. You must state clearly which idea you have chosen to follow.
Topic Title
SUGGESTED start to academic reading
To investigate the use of multi-sensory experiences for interactive technologies.
Obrist, M., Gatti, E., Maggioni, E., Vi, C.T., and Velasco, C. (2017) Multisensory Experiences in HCI. IEEE MultiMedia, 24(2): 9-13
To investigate the use of machine learning in health analytics.
Istepanian, R.S.H, and Al-Anzi, T. (2018) m-Health 2.0: New perspectives on mobile health, machine learning and big data analytics. Methods, 151(1): 34-40
To investigate a tool for crime scene mapping
Raneri, D. (2017) Enhancing forensic investigation through the use of modern three-dimensional (3D) imaging technologies for crime scene reconstruction. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences, 50(6): 697-707
To investigate the use of drones in disaster scenarios
Yanmaz, E., Yahyanejad, S., Rinner, B., Hellwagner, H., and Bettstetter, C. (2018) Drone networks: Communications, coordination, and sensing. Ad Hoc Networks, 68: 1-15
To investigate how to reduce over-sharing on social media
Thakur, K., Hayajneh, T., and Tseng, J. (2019) Cyber Security in Social Media: Challenges and the way forward. IT Professional. IEEE Xplore. 21(2): 41-49
To investigate Service-Oriented Smart Contracts (Based on Blockchain Technology) as Reusable Service Components.
Daniel, F and Guida, L (2019) A Service-Oriented Perspective on Blockchain Smart Contracts, IEEE Internet Computing, January/February 2019,
Excellent introduction to BC technology, Blockchain explained. Shai Rubin, CTO of Citi Innovation Lab, explains in an easy and simple way the basics of blockchain.
To Investigate Behavioural Analysis in Context of Digital Forensics Investigation
To investigate IoT Privacy and Security Challenges and Solutions
Investigate the impact of the COVID pandemic on teaching and learning
The-Impact-of-the-COVID-19-Pandemic-on-Education-in-Cambodia.pdf (

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