Submit a single document that consists of five short-answer essays. Each of these should be no longer than 500 words. The work should be accompanied by a single reference list (excluded from word count).
The five titles that you should use for your essays are:
Memory decline is inevitable in older age. Discuss with relevance to two opposing theoretical standpoints.
Stress can be adaptive as well as maladaptive. Discuss this with relevance to existing theories of psychological stress.
‘Internet addiction’ is not a ‘true’ addiction in the same way as alcohol or other substance addiction. Discuss with reference to current theories.
‘We need to heavily censor media for aggressive and violent content as a way of controlling aggression in adolescents’. Discuss this statement with reference to current literature.
‘Discuss the interaction between biology and society in enhancing pet owners’ sense of wellbeing.’ Discuss with reference to current theories.
Assessment type: Coursework
Type of task: Five short word essays (500 words each)
Maximum works: 2,500 words
It is important to ensure that each of your answers includes a critical ‘versus’ debate. This will require the inclusion of two opposing theories: how they explain the construct of interest, how they are opposing and how we should be understand the psychological concept.

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