Summative Essay:
This essay will be shorter than the last one and be about 1-2 pages long. You will take a stand in the Israeli Palestinian conflict and support your argument with facts and proper standard essay format. Because the Palestinian Israeli Conflict is a very broad issue, you will do your own research and own learning into any of these following topics:
Legality of West Bank Settlements
Bombing of Gaza Neighborhoods
Economic Blockade of Gaza and WB
Legality of Security Fence of WB
Establishment of Israel 1948
Right of Return
Israel’s Secure Borders
(You may also choose your own topic upon approval)
Keep in mind that no anti-semitic rhetoric will be tolerated. If such rhetoric is used in your writing, I will immediately destroy your writing and give you a zero. We are discussing the actions of the state of Israel, not the Jewish people or their religion.
This website is a great source to find both non biased, pro, and con quotes and documents on the subject. They will even tell you which statements are which. If your mind is set up for either pro or con, you can simply go there and find either source that resonates with you.

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