Thematic Analysis about the book “Make Your Home Among Strangers”
For your second essay you are going to analyze how well the author, Jennine Capó Crucet, conveys a specific theme in her novel. A thematic analysis essay focuses on a specific theme, or message, of the novel, and analyzes the effectiveness of its presentation in the novel by the author. A theme is defined as a message or moral of a story. As young readers identifying a theme was a piece of cake. They were presented at the end of a fable with a very clear, “And the moral of the story is…” to make sure we got the message. As critical thinkers and advanced readers, the author no longer declares the theme of their story at the end in a moment of triumph, but instead interweaves layer upon layer of subtle and often complex themes that require close scrutiny and many notes in the margins. We are left to our own devices, to muddle through the text and search for what we think is the purpose of the text.
Topic Choices:
There are many topics explored throughout the novel. You can choose from the list of topics below or identify your own. Your thesis statement will be built around your selected topic.
Topics explored in MYHAS:
Cultural Identity
Minorities in higher education
Required Components:
You must offer an introduction paragraph that ends with a clear thesis statement
a body comprised of several developed paragraphs with detailed and specific examples to demonstrate your purpose
At least three quotations from the text to support your claims
And a conclusion paragraph
Typed, double-space, Times New Roman or Ariel 12 point font
Original Title (avoid “essay #2” or “theme analysis”)
A Works Cited Page (this is a separate page at the end of your essay)
Length: 1,000 words (3 pages); write the word count on the bottom of the last page (‘Tools’ – ‘Word Count’). You should aim to be within 10% of the word count, above or below.
MLA formatting is expected. If you are unfamiliar with MLA formatting, there are online resources posted in Canvas. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab OWL English is most helpful.
Typed, double-space, Times New Roman or Ariel 12 point font
Original Title (avoid “essay #2” or “theme analysis”)

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