theme: you need to demonstrate your statement or argument at the beginning of the paper in the first paragraph, and carry it through the paper focusing on an issue in the 20th century.
Organization: you need to provide an introduction with your argument; main body of the paper to explain what had happened with your analysis; and a conclusion to summarize your points.
Reference: you need to provide citations when you quote with the author’s name, title of the article in a journal or a book, date of publication and the name of the publisher. You may use online information, but at least a printed publication is required. A bibliography (instead of work cited) must be provided by the end of the paper in a separate sheet.
Paper Draft
Due: March 13, 2022
You need to write a short paragraph (100W) to describe the issue you want to stress and the resources you will use to demonstrate the importance of the issue.
Final Paper Due: March 16, 2022

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