Topic 1:
According to Milstead (2019) “Social media holds great promise in facilitating the political organization of nurses” (p. 172). Nurses’ professional use of Social media requires some caution. Access ANA NurseSpace and review a policy issue posted on this site. Formulate an opinion after carefully reading the comment posted on the site and post your response directly onto the site. Include a summary of the original policy issue posting on NurseSpace and include your posted response in the discussion board for your fellow students to support, argue, defend, or justify. Discuss some of the ways nurses can use social media to improve patient outcomes, what are some of the ethical considerations with this form of patient interaction?
To open the links, right-click on the Hyperlinks below, then click on the URL that will take you to the article. Blackboard has a safety feature that prevents access directly.
Click Here to View An Overview of HR 3679-The National Nurse Act of 2011
Click here to view an article about the National Campaign for safe RN-to-Patient Staffing
Click here to view an article on Maximizing Workforce Capacity
Click here for ANA Staffing Success Stories
Topic 2:
Please choose only one question to respond to: (1). If you are a member of a professional organization access your professional web site and locate the policy page or section to identify what advocacy positions are available to members of your organization. Infer what type of policy advocacy role would interest you and why? -or-(2). Choose a contemporary policy nurse leader and compose how they actively perform the health policy advocacy role? -or-(3). Explain how you are currently involved in the policy process? When responding to your fellow student’s posts motivate and inspire them to become involved in the policy process.
Topic 3:
According to Milstead (2019) “Three important concepts that form the framework for health policy discussion are quality/safety of care, access to care, and the cost of care” (p. 192). Read several issues of the journal Health Affairs. Access the journal’s blog at and search the keyword ” economics”. Discuss the gross national product in terms of health care expenditures. What sort of programs will not receive funding when health care consumes a large percentage of federal expenditures?
Click Here to Access the HealthAffairs Blog
Milstead, J.A., Short, N.M. (2019). Health policy and politics: A nurse’s guide (6th Edition). Washington, DC.: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 978-1-4496-6509-8
Topic 4:
Compare and contrast the US health care payer system with another country’s health care payer system. Include health statistics and morbidity and mortality world ranking. For example the US and Canada, the US and Britain, the US and Germany, the US and France, etc. (your choice). How does social justice compare in both countries? The media often compares the US Affordable Care Act to other countries with socialized medicine unfairly, Can you defend both country’s health systems?

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