Use the file called Essential of a Research Paper to create your overall outline for your paper. The Thesis goes in the Introduction Section of your paper. To complete this assignment successfully, you will need to submit a file containing the following items:
1) Title Page – you don’t have to have an official title, but you should have the Title page.
2) The main outline with all 5 sections – Intro, Background, Main Body, Rebuttal, and Conclusion – must be in this submitted file.
3) Your interesting story and your thesis must be clearly marked. The story is what you will start your paper with and the introduction will be built upon this story. It is best if the interesting story is not about you or your life experiences directly. I know that sounds weird, but trust me. Use interesting story, about someone else. I encourage you to look up your topic in major news outlets, and try to find a story that will capture your reader’s attention. In this submission, your thesis should be listed after your interesting story, but before the “Background” section of your paper.
4) A complete References Page in APA format with all 5 scholarly references present
FYI he didnt approve of the wikipedia scholarly and the very last one either.

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