We have previously considered the prospect of creating a Blue Zone in your community, and many of you discussed the many challenges to doing so given the difficulty in changing the culture of a place and its citizens.
As you know, behavior change can happen in many different ways, but among the more “large scale” methods is to change policy. E.g., changing the legal tobacco age from 18 to 21 was a large scale public health policy designed to improve the health of society.
In no more than 2 double spaced pages, I want you to propose *one* policy that you could enact in your community or state that would improve the health of the population (i.e., make it a little more like a blue zone). Please use at least two scholarly citations to support your position. The policy does not have to help everyone, but it should be designed to help the greater good. You have the flexibility to choose to enact this policy at the city or state level, as each has different implications for impact.
Proposed structure (I recommend about 3 paragraphs):
1. What is the public health problem?
2. What is the policy you propose? What potential impact might it have?
3. What barriers are there to implementation?

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