Your task in this assignment is to search the appropriate literature, and then:
– give a brief account of what happened at Chernobyl and discuss the effects of the radiation fallout on the environment;
– discuss the deterministic and stochastic effects of radiation following the acute whole body irradiation experienced by rescuers and firemen after the Chernobyl explosion;
– briefly discuss the deterministic and stochastic effects of radiation experienced by the population living nearby Chernobyl and within the area of fallout.
– give a brief update on the situation at Fukushima, discussing the effects on the environment and population surrounding the powerplant; and the long-term possible effects on the rescue workers and nuclear power plant operators who were involved with the clean-up at Fukushima.
Suggested assignment framework: Title
Contents page
Body of your assignment – 4 sections (within those 4 major topics you will have sub-topics) Conclusion
Reference list: 5-6 journal articles; other reports from IAEA or appropriate radiation bodies ; Chernobyl forum; UNSCEAR
NOTE: The assignment must be no more than 10 – 12 pages using 12 font size. Paragraphs to be used with 1.5 line spacing.

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