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1. Policy Analysis Paper (15-17 pages)
Policy Analysis Paper [addresses student learning competency 5].
Select for analysis a policy specific to juvenile or child welfare policy. The 15-17 page policy analysis (body of paper) should be in 12 point, double-spaced font (must have a federal or state statutory or judicial basis). Specify the model of analysis to be utilized (Attach the policy analysis model only if not one provided in course readings). Regardless of the model selected for the analysis, the policy analysis should include background, problem, underpinning values, unintended consequences, alternatives and recommendations for the policy Selected topics from the list below, or alternative policies of comparable scope must be submitted in writing six weeks before the paper’s due date and require prior approval of the instructor.
A minimum 12 sources is required (in addition the required readings, which you must use). Acceptable sources include social work or related fields’ journals, scholarly periodicals, statutes, legislative histories and committee hearings/reports. Citations and reference list must be in APA format, and reference list and policy model are not included in the page limit.

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