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1. You should have an introduction including your key argument/s and thesis statement, a brief background of the topic and what you will be focusing on and why. You need to clearly state your more narrowly defined focus, provide clear overview of the substantive chosen topic (and theory, if applicable) and state the 3-4 issues you will cover within your paper.
2. You should include/ discuss the key tenets of the theory or perspective chosen, including the discussion of its strengths and weaknesses.
3. The literature review should contain a discussion of how the theory or perspective relates and applies to the topic and how it helps give a better understanding of the topic.
4. You should include a discussion of possible areas that may need further research.
5. You should contain a brief discussion of the real-world examples where the theory or perspective can be applied.
6. Should contain a summary of the theory or perspective, how it tied with your topic and links you have made between the two.
7. Conclusion: Do not repeat the argument or points already discussed. Pay attention to grammar, spellings and use APA.

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