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2000word assignment – 2 parts
Must be Australian nursing law, codes & standards.
The purpose of this assessment is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the principles of law and ethics in the perioperative nursing environment. In this assessment task you will be engaged in a group discussion exploring issues such as ethics, consent, documentation, communication and teamwork, and accountability through the listed scenarios. (The case scenario that I chosen is attached)
1 part of assignment : 500 words initial post
– short summary of the case
– main summary of the potential topics that will be explored
2nd part of the assignment: 1500 words
assignment is evidence-based summary paper (1500 words) critiquing the case (criteria 1 in the marking rubric),
contemplating your learning, contextualise
and acknowledge variations in practice with evidence-based recommendations to address any practice gaps in your healthcare
facility (criteria 2 in the marking rubric).
Include in your paper the implications of your chosen case learnings on the perioperative nursing care provided in your facility and how this topic would potentially improve your own practice by making some possible recommendations .
References: within 5 years
– The case study chosen is attached
-Rubic cube marking attached

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