7.9 PSD: Debs or Magón
This week you have a choice of which primary source to work with, because I’m just starting to incorporate this new text by Ricardo Flores Magón, and I’m not sure if you’ll find the context information that I can hunt down to be sufficient. So:
1. Read:
“The War” (1917) by Ricardo Flores Magón. Download “The War” (1917) by Ricardo Flores Magón.
2. Post.
Pick one of the following to answer:
Who? To Whom? Why? – Remember to address who Debs is (or who Magón is). What do we know about their life and advocacy from the textbook and from Module 7?
What? How? – What does he argue? How does his argument differ from Wilson’s view? What might the author of your chosen primary source and Wilson have in common? What are the tools he uses to persuade his audience, and how persuasive do you think his argument is?
When? Where? – What does the textbook chapter tell you about the historical context? How does the history of (1 – the lead-up to WWI; (2 – dissent during WWI; and (3 – race and ethnicity during WWI help you to interpret the document?
3. Respond to two classmates. Write at least 50 words for each.
How did their work help you to better understand World War I and the political context at home in the U.S.?
Where does your interpretation differ from theirs? Do you disagree with them, and why?
What can you add to their understanding?
How will this post be graded? Make sure to check out the rubric before you submit!

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