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A 12-year-old boy was caught in the act of battering a 14-year-old female acquaintance by the victim’s 16-year-old brother. The brother arrived home, saw his sister on the floor, and observed the 12-year old boy standing over her with his fist raised in the air. The 16-year old brother observed that his sister was not moving. He also saw a shoe with a bloody heel near her on the floor. The victim was almost unconscious when the police arrived.
Following the incident, the juvenile was arrested and detained by local police on the following charges:
Battery of a minor
Aggravated battery with a weapon
Minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage
Unlawful possession of a controlled substance (marijuana)
The juvenile suspect was a latchkey kid (a child who returns from school to an empty home) from a single-parent home. His mother works from 2 p.m.–11 p.m. Monday through Friday, so the juvenile is often alone and unsupervised for several hours upon his return from school.
After a preliminary investigation, the juvenile suspect explained that the victim purchased the marijuana and the alcohol earlier that same day. The juvenile explained that the victim had invited him to her house because they had “been liking each other” for a long time. Further, the juvenile explained that the alcohol and drugs were in the home when he arrived. He said that he and the victim began by smoking marijuana and drinking beer before they began kissing and touching one another. Next, according to the juvenile suspect, they started to have what he described as consensual sex. After a short while, they were interrupted by the victim’s brother, who had come home from work. The victim’s brother then called the police to report the incident.
The juvenile had prior detentions for violation of curfew, truancy, and attempted sexual battery. No further explanations are given.
Write an essay of 750–800 words, divided into 3 sections:
The perspective of the police officer
What typically happens to this juvenile before he goes to juvenile court? How does law enforcement process the incident?
The perspective of the state’s attorney
If you were the state’s attorney, what would you suggest to the court regarding how the boy should be punished, sentenced, rehabilitated, or any combination of these options?
The perspective of the judge
Based on the facts of the case and the procedures of the juvenile justice system, what would be the most appropriate finding of the court? What options does the judge have in this incident?
Make sure that your essay addresses the following:
Do each of these components of the criminal justice system see the offender as a status offender for any of the charges?
Discuss your opinion of the status offender from the perspective of each criminal justice component (law enforcement, state’s attorney, and the judge).
Are the charges viewed by each of the criminal justice components listed below as delinquent acts?
Be sure to cite all references in APA format.
You will be marked down if you use any adult court terminology in your paper! Juvenile court has its own definitions and procedures.
Your grade for this project is not dependent upon which side is right or wrong but on the arguments that you present and the decision you make. Your arguments and decision should be thorough and include a complete rationalization that is backed by at least five theories, facts, or procedures learned in this course.

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