Analytical Essay Instructions
Write a 3-4 page (1000-1400 word) essay that analyzes a particular topic with a very
narrow thesis statement. You can choose a topic that interests you that you can find information about in the CNC Library. This is a small research essay and you will likely need more than the minimum sources listed below.
The goal of this essay is to introduce you to using the CNC Library and using research methods to help narrow and define your thesis statements. By analyzing a particular topic in greater depth, we can learn more about topic that we may not have known. Please avoid the following topics: Covid-19, gun control, abortions, gay marriage, students and internet use, capital punishment, single-sex schools, uniforms in schools, fast foot, obesity, youth runaways or violence in video games. Basically, if you have written about a topic in the past, do not choose the same topic. If you are having trouble thinking of a topic, try scrolling through your social media feed. Are there any stories that interest you? Would you like to learn more about a particular topic? This is your chance to do so. Try to avoid picking a topic that you know nothing about.
Criteria: Your essay must have the following elements:
• At least two (2) academic sources from the CNC Library online collection
• Analytic language
• A thesis statement in the final sentence of your introductory paragraph – highlighted in yellow
• Topic sentences for all of your paragraphs – highlighted in yellow
• All paragraphs must start with an indent (tab) of 0.5”
• Three distinct and well-developed supporting arguments for your topics.
• An introduction – 2-3 sentences minimum
• A conclusion – 2- 3 sentences minimum
• A title for your essay – not “Analytic Essay” or “Essay #2”
• Your essay must be double-spaced
• Remove extra space after paragraphs (see Tips and Tricks in the Course Information
section for instructions on how to do this)
• 12 point font in Times New Roman
• Formal language (no contractions)
• This assignment must be completed in MLA formatting – failure to do so will result in a
failing grade.
• No title page is required.
• Do not use fancy fonts or page decorations on your papers – academic papers are not
fancy – these are not wedding invitations. Grading:
Your essay will be graded on the above elements including the following:
• Originality of topic and strength of thesis statement
• Grammar and sentence structure
• Supporting reasons for your recommendations.
• Essay and paragraph organization.
Final notes:
Do not use contractions (don’t) or informal language. Pay attention to capitalization rules
and grammatical rules that we have been reviewing as I am looking for the correct use in your papers.
PLEASE read and follow all the instructions carefully, this is my last chance for passing the subject.
On. 20 march around 1:00pm

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