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Answer the questions below. You must answer both questions. Your paper must be
a minimum of 2000 words. With a proper citation (MLA, APA, Chicago Style),
Double-spaced and font 12.
Answer the questions in the successive order.
1- Why the Federalists argued for a republican form of state rather than “pure
democracy”? Considering the new modes of communications available today, is direct
democracy a possibility?
2-What is Howard Zinn’s critique of the framers of the constitution with regard to race,
gender, and class?
In order to answer these questions, you must refer to The Federalist Papers, No. 9
(pp. 66-71), No.10 (pp. 71-79), No.39, (pp.236-243), and A People’s History of the
United States (Ch.5, 6, 7).

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