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Assignment: Research and write 1 research paper over any bacteria or virus that causes an infectious human illness/disease (that we have not or will not cover in class).
This paper will count as 5% of your final grade. You MUST write the paper in your own words. It will be abundantly obvious if you copy and paste from the sources you use for your research.
If your paper reads like you have plagiarized it, and did not write it yourself, you will receive a “0” for this assignment (this will be confirmed through Turn it in which is how you will submit it).
*HINT* Read the selection to which you want to cite for your paper – then summarize it in your own words — from here, write this section down in your paper, and continue to read and rewrite until the selection containing the material you want to use is now in your own words and is no longer in the words of the original author.
3. Length: As long as it takes to adequately cover the below topics — I.E. You will need a solid paragraph on each of the topics below to get full credit for each.
Bacteria/Virus Characteristics/Properties and History of the disease
Virulence Factors (pick 3 if covering a bacteria)
Diseases/infections caused by this organism, with descriptions of all
Progression of disease
Prevalence in the US and worldwide
Is there a vaccination available?
References/sources page
4. Sources:
You must use, and cite, reliable and scientifically sound sources for your research.
Wikipedia is NOT a reputable source, and you will automatically receive a “0” if you use and cite this source in your paper.
Your entire paper should be cited from the sources from which you researched the information.
Reputable sources:
Any article on Pubmed.
Some of these are public, and some are not… but there are plenty review articles on Pubmed that are free – articles on Pubmed are scientific articles backed by actual research and scientific experiments. Please use this as your #1 source
When citing from Pubmed, please cite as follows: Link. Authors. Title of Article. Journal. Date. Issue. Page numbers.
EXAMPLE: Terrell-Hall TB, Nounou MI, El-Amrawy F, Griffith JIG, Lockman PR. Trastuzumab distribution in an in-vivo and in-vitro model of brain metastases of breast cancer. Oncotarget. 2017 Jul 26;8(48):83734-83744.
Any source like the: CDC, Medline Plus, any website that ends in “.gov”, The Mayo Clinic… is fine!!

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